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You already know the 300 Bodyweight Reps Program… It’s one of the fastest, simplest and easiest ways to get into shape with zero equipment. As a short reminder, it’s about doing 100 reps in each of these three bodyweight exercises.

  • Floor Pushups
  • 100 reps Freehand Squat
  • 100 reps
  • Ab Crunch
  • 100 reps

Now… let’s crank up the fun a bit and throw these two highly effective bodyweight exercises into the mix…

Bar Pullup

50 reps Do it in batches of 5 or 10 reps. Vary your grip in each set.

300 Reps, Bodyweights And Conditioning

Parallel Bar Dip

50 reps, Do them in batches of 5-10 reps. And… for fitness sake some conditioning (high intensity cardio) as well… See what this community thinks of it..


25 or 50 or 100 yard sprints. Do 10 sprints with 1 min. of rest in between each.Run as fast as you can over a distance of 25 to 50 to 100 yards (depending on how advanced you are – start short and easy). Warm up and stretch properly before sprinting and ease into it.

The Workout1.

Warm up thoroughly by jogging a few laps and stretching and flexing your muscles a bit.2. Do a warm-up cycle by doing 5-10 reps of every exercise. These warm-up reps don’t count!3. Train as hard as you can until getting all reps in. Do one set of every exercise, repeating the cycle.

If you fail doing the full amount of reps then try again in the next set. Do as many sets of every exercise as necessary. If it means squeezing out 100 singles then so be it.

300 Reps, Bodyweights And Conditioning

If you are very out of shape cut the rep numbers in half and build them up. If you are extremely out of shape then cut all exercises down to 10 reps maximum and increase the numbers with each workout. Start easy and build yourself up. Make sure you eat healthy and get enough sleep each night.The Yard “But where do I find bars for pullups and dips?”

Get creative! There’s lots of unused playgrounds around that have such bars. Most kids stay indoors these days, getting wasted on fast food and video games, so you likely won’t disturb anybody anyway. Or find a local gym where you can pull this off.

This program is not a maximum muscle builder but it will certainly make you fit, strong, healthy and lean in no time!

Done seriously, this workout is a real beast and will get you fit quickly. If you like, you can make it even harder by shortening the rest pauses between sets and exercises.

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